Ted Nowick and Robert Taylor


Kendal at Oberlin residents Ted Nowick and Robert Taylor think big. The “think big” mantra has served them well during the 37 years they’ve been together, and it has served two Ohio charities — Oberlin College and Kendal at Oberlin — well. Read more


Ralph Turner: An Inspired Kendal at Oberlin Donor

Ralph Turner has been involved with Kendal at Oberlin since it was only a small groups’ dream for the community of Oberlin, and he moved to Kendal at its opening in 1993. Ralph has a quick, comfortable sense of humor and refers to himself as one of the “floundering residents.” In seriousness, he says, “As founding residents, we were expecting a great deal of Kendal when we came. We were not disappointed!” Read more


Home Care Assistance Fund Established in Honor of Kendal at Hanover Staff Member

“ … Kendal must be a good place to work if we are to offer good places to live and provide high quality services.” This statement from Kendal’s Values and Practices establishes the importance of the connection between the people who work here and the people who live here. One such relationship has been honored through a bequest by resident Mel Dickenson, whose late wife Jinny received exemplary and valued care from Kendal at Hanover’s Home Care Services Program, and especially from staff member Sandy Plamondon. Read more

Lathrop residents provide for their community

Lathrop Communities residents Lisa and Harry Colt: “While there are many other worthy organizations, our life at Lathrop made us want to provide for our community here.”



Elizabeth Fry Fund helps public servants join Kendal at Hanover community

Jack_&_Harriet_Hemenway_Hanover-550x200“When Harriet and I entered Kendal at Hanover in 1998, we learned about and began supporting the Elizabeth Fry Fund, which was established to help public servants come into the community. Our motivation was that, as a teacher and a clergyman/craftsman, neither of us had accumulated the necessary resources to enter the community on our own. It was through the generosity of Harriet’s father, who lost everything in the Great Depression and worked two jobs through the World War II years to recover financially, that we were able to supplement our own resources enough to be able to come to the community. Harriet died here at Kendal in 2007. In her memory, and in renewed commitment to making it possible for others like us to live in this excellent place, I have renewed our support of the Fry Fund. I invite you to join me.” –Jack Hemenway


Charitable Gift Annuity offers many advantages

According to Kendal at Hanover residents Huntly and Ginia Allison: “One of the things we have done personally in planning for OUR future is to make Kendal the beneficiary of a charitable gift annuity. This has three advantages: it increases our income — it protects our children — and it provides substantial tax benefits. Our children all agree with our decision to do this, as it means that they will never have to worry about taking care of us. I suspect a gift annuity at Kendal would be a great idea for many.”