We welcome your support of the following initiatives

Contributions can be made through Kendal Charitable Funds.

The Lloyd Lewis – Promising Innovations Fund

The purpose is to support improvements in serving older adults that are reflective of a pioneering spirit in the field of aging. The annually funded grant seeks ideas that can enhance the lives of an aging population through services and research. The goal is to develop new understandings and awareness of issues and opportunities in support of this initiative.

The KENDAL | People Development Initiative

We see a world in which Kendal becomes one of the leaders in education for aging services. To work towards solving not only Kendal’s work force needs, but also the field’s, one needs to understand the dynamic factors driving the need for improved work force development policies and programs. Kendal must commit to values-centered staff development and drive excellence through educational and learning opportunities.

Currently this fund is used to support the Kendal Leadership Fellows Program. The fund must be built so that it can impact the development of staff in an organized and comprehensive System-wide initiative that systematically supports:

  • the development and delivery of model practice training and certificate programs at every level of staff;
  • the Kendal Leadership Fellows Program; and
  • the development of a system-wide internship and fellowship program.

KCF’s Conservation Fund

This fund provides needed resources to affiliates who are in the process or have developed programs addressing conservation and sustainability issues important to their community – as well as the greater community.

Unrestricted Fund

The unrestricted fund provides resources for projects under way through Kendal Outreach, Kendal Research, Kendal Affiliates and other programs that align with Kendal’s strategic themes and Kendal’s Values and Practices.

Endowment Fund

This fund was established to support the overarching goals of Kendal Corporation and Kendal Charitable Funds in concert with Kendal Corporate leadership staff. The goal is to maintain and grow the corpus before funds are released.