In 2007, the Kendal Charitable Funds board approved the creation of the Lloyd Lewis Fund to support advances in serving older adults through the Promising Innovations campaign. The fund and campaign were made possible by a gift of $250,000 from the Janet Comey Foundation, a private foundation established through the estate of former Kendal at Longwood resident Janet Comey. Since then, the Promising Innovations campaign has raised over $500,000 in matching gifts, more than tripling the size of the Lloyd Lewis Fund.

The Promising Innovations Selection Committee identifies a topic to carry on the legacy in support of innovative solutions that positively impact the lives of elders in our society. Click here to view a video about Promising Innovations.

Initiative to Reduce Isolation and Suicide Among Older Adults Funded by Kendal Promising Innovations Grant

Dec. 19, 2017—Kendal Charitable Funds announced Tuesday that it has awarded a $50,000 Promising Innovations grant to fund a two-year initiative to engage isolated older adults who are at risk for depression, substance abuse and suicide through one-on-one home visits, support groups, educational programs and referrals for needed services.

The grant will benefit adults 60 and older living in Prescott, Arizona, and surrounding areas in Yavapai County by allowing the West Yavapai Guidance Clinic Foundation to greatly expand the Senior Peer Prevention Program.

“With this grant we intend to nearly double participation in the Senior Peer Prevention Program from 1,161 today to 2,000 seniors over the next two years,” says Laura Norman, Chief Development and Communications Officer for the Clinic and Executive Director for its Foundation. “Some of the best protective factors against depression, substance abuse and suicide among elders are increased feelings of connectedness and support from ongoing relationships, which is what the Senior Peer program provides.”

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