In October of 2007 the board of Kendal Charitable Funds approved the creation of the Lloyd Lewis Fund.

The purpose of this new fund is to support improvements in serving older adults through the Promising Innovations campaign.  The new fund and this campaign were initiated by the generous gift of $250,000 from the Janet Comey Foundation, a private foundation established through the estate of former Kendal at Longwood resident Janet Comey.

The trustees of the Janet Comey Foundation determined to disburse the funds of the 25-year old foundation, keeping foremost the wishes of the original donor. It was their strong desire to positively impact the lives of elders in our society and, in doing so, to honor the many years of service of Foundation trustee and Kendal founding executive director Lloyd Lewis. Lloyd is considered one of the several leading lights who pioneered efforts to improve the experience of aging. Lloyd was also a friend of Janet Comey. The trustees’ goals led to a creative and extensive conversation with Kendal Charitable Funds leaders that resulted in this gift that now challenges others to match the original contribution.

“Janet Comey found enormous pleasure in gift giving,” said Coleman Dorsey, president of the trustees for the Janet Comey Foundation.  “And it is our hope that others find the same enjoyment when they contribute to the Lloyd Lewis Fund.  We know Kendal will use this new fund wisely to foster innovations that can be used by others. I think it will be fun for donors to hear about the Lloyd Lewis Fund and its developments knowing they are a part of it all.  Their contributions will provide leadership for care and services across our nation now and into the future.”

The Promising Innovations campaign will carry on the legacy of innovative solutions which improve services for seniors.  Lloyd Lewis was the founding CEO of the first Kendal community, established in 1973, which is now Kendal~Crosslands Communities. Lloyd Lewis received the Award of Honor from the American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging in 1987 for his innovative work to improve the experience of aging Americans.  Along with other dedicated Kendal leaders, Lloyd was instrumental in making significant improvements in the field.

The Promising Innovations campaign, initiated by this generous gift of $250,000 from the Janet Comey Foundation, will provide grants to fund model projects that “change the individual experience of aging for the better.”  Projects that fit this broad purpose and are in accordance with Kendal’s Values and Practices will be selected by a national committee from among proposals garnered across the field. This campaign will have a welcomed place in a field that is expanding rapidly to meet the needs of a burgeoning population of elders.  The Fund will be looking for promising ideas that need support within the $25,000 to $50,000 range where seed money can nurture an idea to make a measurable difference.

Kendal Charitable Funds was established in 1989 to raise and disburse funds in support of the charitable purposes of The Kendal Corporation and its affiliates, including many outreach efforts.  Those served by Kendal organizations and their boards and staffs, together with the wider constituency, support various funds for resident and member financial assistance, reaching out into the wider world, increasing the diversity of those served, and improving the experience of aging far beyond our walls.