Through Oberlin College, Ted and Robert created a trust funded at $1.5 million.

The income from this trust will provide Ted and Robert more than enough to pay their monthly fees at Kendal at Oberlin for as long as they live. When the trust matures, it will be divided not quite in half, with 51% going to Oberlin College’s Allen Memorial Art Museum and 49% to Kendal at Oberlin.

When Robert and Ted began their search beyond Blue Hill, Maine, for a home during their retirement, the “think big” philosophy dictated a search both far and wide. When they found Kendal at Oberlin, they knew they had found the right place for this phase of their lives. They were captivated by the intergenerational community within a vibrant college town with lifelong learning and endless creative opportunities. Add to that the open invitation to initiate any new activity you don’t already find, as well as a community that welcomed them with open arms as a gay couple. The “totality of the experience” as they express it, proved a winning combination.

The “think big” mantra has informed their lives in the Kendal community they have called home for nine years now. Plunging wholeheartedly into life at Kendal, they create art and lure others into the artistic experience, volunteer on boards and committees both at Kendal and in town, and invest in the future to ensure opportunities for the next generation. Ted Nowick and Robert Taylor speak enthusiastically about their philanthropy. “While the level of generosity depends on the resources available, everyone can give. We want others to know what a real pleasure it is to be able to give.”